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Parent Training

As part of your preparation for adoption, you will receive education that will help make your adoption process go smoothly.  Your 24 hours of training may include attending group trainings at our office (20 hours required in classroom setting), taking our on-line training (4 hours to be taken via online courses), reading books, watching videos, or doing individual research.  In addition to the education we provide, encourage you explore these topics on your own via the internet, adoption support groups, etc. Some of the subjects to be discussed:

         Attachment and bonding

         Loss, grief and adoption

         Adoption as a lifelong issue

         Child development

         Boundary setting and discipline

         Parenting a child of a different culture

    Dealing with history information concerning the adoptive triad

         Adoption laws and procedures

         Community resources

         Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

         Medical and emotional issues related to international adoption

         Void or lack of available history about child and birth parents

         BCIS requirements

         Building a dossier

         Travel in a foreign country the laws and procedures of the foreign country

         Cultural background of the child

         Adoption issues of personal interest

Parent Training Schedule

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Please contact us at 303-691-0808 to sign up for classes today!