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Post Placement Services

Colorado requires post-placement supervision for all adoptions to befinalized or validated in Colorado. We feel that this is good practice for international adoptions, too, even if the adoption has been finalized in the other country.  In order to work with International Adoption Net, you will need to agree to post-placement support. The same adoption worker who completed your family assessment will usually work with you in post-placement.  She will visit with you at least three times during the first six months after placement, plus provide unlimited phone support. Your post-adoptive commitment to your child�s country may include a need for additional post-placement home visits for an extended period of time, which we will be happy to provide.  For those who are experiencing severe post-placement problems, referrals will be made to appropriate resources.  For an additional fee, we can also provide the additional post placement visits and reports if required by the adoptive country.

We strongly recommend that you seek validation of your international adoption in the U.S. Courts.  This will give you a U.S. birth certificate for your child; add another level of security to the permanence of your adoption.  We can help you validate your adoption in the Denver District Court (or in the county where you live) and also show you how to apply for a U.S. birth certificate.  Naturalization (US citizenship) is now automatic for children adopted by US citizens in other countries.

Please call us at 303-691-0808 to obtain more information on how we can assist with your adoption.

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